Happy New Year To You But Not To Me.

Happy New Year everybody!
How can that be?
I mean, that’s the future right?
Anyways, I’m glad we all made it this far.

I’ve been off work for 3 days now for New Year and I’ve had a GREAT time!
I hardly ever get time off from work so I made the most of it.

Today was my first day back at work and I decided to take a taxi because of THIS and I almost made it right to the door of the building I work in when the police pull the taxi over.
They ask me to open the door and then…”FREEZE MOTHERFUCKER!

Okay, they weren’t THAT aggressive but they weren’t all that pleasant either.
They pulled us over because I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and automatically hit me with a spot fine of 60 bucks!

I was clearly in the wrong here.
If we’d have crashed, my body could have flown through the windshield and killed someone!
But goddamn, 60 bucks is a bit severe.
I said to the officer: “Let’s meet in the middle and call it 30!” but she was having none of it.
I said: “Okay. 35! And that’s my final offer!”

So that was that.
I went into work with an ‘Offenders Ticket’ which says I gotta pay Strathclyde Police 60 clams within 28 days or I’m going to the can.
I wonder where my money will go once I pay it.

Happy New Year to me 😦

PS: The taxi driver didn’t charge me any money.


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