Less Genocide And More Of That Watercolour.

Look at this beautiful watercolour painting of a little old row of houses by the seaside:

See how cool and still the water is…
See how carefree the people on the beach are…
See how the seagulls flutter in the sky…
See how the painting is signed by Adolf Hitler…

Let’s now turn our appreciation to this equally lovely scene:


Looks like good ol’ Adolf has been concentrating too much on art and too little on mass genocide.
What an idiot.

Saying that, I always read about how shit Hitler was as an artist and y’know, I think his work is pretty good.
It’s certainly better than a lot of the self-centred rubbish that passes itself off as art these days if you ask me although, I do look Eddie Izzard’s line about how Hitler couldn’t paint the trees right and so decided to kill EVERYONE! 🙂

Have you ever actually looked at Hitler’s artwork?
I looked at a lot of it today and I thought to myself:
“Ah, Hitler…If only you’d put as much effort into your painting as you did with your mass genocide. murder and Worldwide domination. Ah, Hitler…you’ve not only let yourself down, but you’ve let THE WHOLE CLASS DOWN!”

Hitler painted a lot of pieces and I find myself thinking:
“He did all that. What the Hell have I ever done?”
I like Hitler’s artwork!
I also like his haircut and moustache so there!

Here are some of Hitler’s pretty pictures so you can judge for yourself:


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