Finished! My First Tattoo.

Well, he did it.
He actually went ahead and did it.
My first tattoo design is now on my crazy friend Mick’s body.

I mentioned this a while ago in this post and here are the before and after results:

I feel like I’ve somehow scarred my mate’s body forever but he’s really pleased with it and we’re already about to start work on another one!

I didn’t manage to make it along to any of the actual tattoo sessions but I think it took about five or six.
I’ll find out the name of the tattoo parlour and ask Mick a couple of questions and stick everything up on here later.

Would you like to be scarred for life by me?
Simply drop me a line on here.


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  1. […] * EDIT: It’s finished! […]

  2. WTF?!

    That my son, is b.e.a.oooootiful !!

    Is that our Mick….aka the banjo?

    • Cheers!
      Nah, It’s not our Banjo Mick, it’s Mick Rodgers.

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