Bela Lugosi And Summer In Glasgow Green.

We took a stroll on down to Glasgow Green the other day because the weather was good and because I hardly ever get the time to go anywhere during the day these days 🙂

Photos are funny things ain’t they?
You get the picture but you never really get the FULL picture.
I mean let’s look at this photo of Anna:

Just as I was about to click my camera and take this picture, a dog barked and we heard a big gruff Female voice say:
Just another lazy, dawg dangling day in the park…

We found these horses:

The brown one in the middle went up on it’s hind legs to reach a tree branch which made me exclaim:
“Holy shit Anna! Look at how big that horse’s Ding Dong is!”
And it was only then that Anna pointed out that there were young kids everywhere looking at me 😦
…And then the horses buggered off.

Speaking of young kids,
I also managed to get us lost in a fenced off area of the park and the only way out was to go through a massve kids playpark.
Anna thought we might look odd just stumbling randomly around a really busy playpark so I decided to do the obvious and invent a child.

Yeah, basically I thought that if anyone approaches us, I’ll just say that I’m looking fo my lost Son Bela.
In order to make this convincing I walked through the playpark shouting out: “BELA! BELA! WHERE ARE YOU MY SON?”

I’m a great actor but not as good an actor as Anna because she was doing a really convincing job of pretending to be completely mortified and embarassed by me shouting on my non-existent Son.

Just as I was about to approach someone and ask them if they’d seen my pointy hair-lined, jaggy toothed, hungry, Hungarian Son Bela, we found our way out of the kid’s playpark and all was well.
It was really warm as we strolled on out of that park and I saw a man sitting down with his top off and drinking cans of lager.

I said to Anna: “Look at that guy. He’s got the right idea. Couple of beers, lying in the shade, relaxing.” but Anna pointed out that he was sitting way at the back of the playpark we’d just escaped from and he was on the opposite side of the security fence just drinking lager and staring into the playpark.

I should’ve got a photo of him really and passed it on to the coppers.


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