“Gimmie My Money And Make It Snappy.”

I’m sick of the nosey-as-fuck, false, inane & patronising chat you get from folk who work in banks.
It’s all: “What are you doing today?”, “Where do you work?” etc…

I hate the obvious fakery of it and I hate how desperate these employees are to please their bosses.
Typically, I just reply to every question with: “None of your business, gimme my money and make it snappy.”
I shouldn’t have to be that rude.  Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

It’s almost as if  the banks tell their employees to ask really nosey questions and they never ever come off as a simple, genuine “Hi, how are you?”
You always feel that there’s something sinister under the questions and that you’re standing there getting your privacy totally invaded by someone who’s talking to you like they know you.
I hate that.
It doesn’t need to be like that.
I wish the banks would just ditch the fake interest in you and replace it with counting out my money in the style of The Count from Sesame Street:
“One! Ah-ha-ha-ha. Two! Ah-ha-ha-ha. Three! Ah-ha-ha-ha” etc…

I know I’d be a happier customer.


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