The Tragedy & Comedy Of Jerry Sadowitz.

There’s Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Rik Mayall and then there’s Jerry Sadowitz.

That’s the kind of comedy I’ve always been into but whilst Connolly, Izzard and Mayall are Worldwide household names, Sadowitz is practically broke and out of work for most of the time.

I’ve liked Jerry Sadowitz ever since I clapped eyes on him in the early 1990’s. He was right in your face and I liked the way he looked and I still think that he’s the best magician alive today. But most importantly, I think he’s funny as fuck!

I never got around to seeing Billy Connolly live but I’ve seen gigs  by Izzard and Mayall and just 2 weeks ago, Sadowitz.

A Jerry Sadowitz gig could be a terrifying experience for most folk. Resembling a psychopathic Punch & Judy puppet in a top hat, he saunters onto the stage and straight away gets ripped into everything that’s ever pissed him off.

He’s loud, aggressive, highly offensive, unapologetic and swears like machine gun fire. Whilst giving you both barrels at once, (Even though machine guns don’t have 2 barrels), he’s doing mind blowing  magic tricks without even giving it a second thought. I like him a lot and you can tell that most of the audience are glad to see him but he’s a hard guy to get a hold of. He almost never tours, has no merchandise on release and he personally removes almost all traces of himself on the internet.

Most folk in the know know that Frankie Boyle is the poor man’s Jerry Sadowitz. I’ve always thought that Frankie Boyle was a prick. (*2013 EDIT: I still think that but he’s awrite) Boyle comes across as if he’s been up for days on end, carefully planning his jokes out in an attempt to shock people. And Jerry Sadowitz seems to agree.

There’s a sadness to Sadowitz and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I always thought “Well, maybe it’s because he can’t get work” but then I’d think “All he needs to do is release some merchandise and he’d be fine”.
I think he thinks that he’d be selling out in some way if he released DVD’s etc… and I can only admire that.
(*2013 EDIT: I think that Jerry Sadowitz should NEVER release ANY merchandise!)

He sold out Glasgow’s Kings Theatre for a solid week and as I understand it, pissed off loads of easily offended people. One of his jokes was: “What’s blue and won’t fit?”
– “A dead epileptic”.

He spoke about rape, raping Z-Lister Vanessa Feltz while holding a meat cleaver to her throat, how soldiers are idiots and also how Madeline McCann‘s Mum would be attractive and worth raping if only she smiled more often. He’s never gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. But then again, not everybody drinks tea, do they? It’s easy to see how Jerry earned this reputation of being a complete and utter cunt.

Personally, I love the guy and I love that his website is fucking useless. He seems determined to make no money and at the same time, pissed off and bitter that he doesn’t make any.

At the end of the show I saw, he seemed to come out of character for a second to thank everyone for taking the time and money to come and see him – A wee glimmer of the man behind the psychopath.

Sadowitz granted The Daily Record (*2013 EDIT: THE DAILY RECORD ARE CUNTS!) a rare interview last month which has now mysteriously disappeared from the internet and it was one of the saddest things I’ve read in a long time. For the time being, you can read a similar interview with him HERE.

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  1. I like that he’s so utterly offensive and clearly doesn’t care. I probably wouldn’t go see him to be entertained but there’s a real sense of authenticity to his routine – unlike, as you mentioned, Frankie Boyle who I always think just seems to be saying things that he thinks will be terribly shocking not because it’s just what he thinks. And yeah, I’ve heard that world class magicians have said he’s one of the best magicians they’ve ever seen.

    He’s a former pupil of Shawlands Academy, one of many things I have in common with Jerry Sadowitz I’m sure.

  2. You went the same school?
    Well how about that! 🙂

    Frankie Boyle will deliver a joke and you can actually see the schoolboy in him emerge as he sits back to saver the shock he’s caused.

    Jerry Sadowitz is a World Class magician although, good luck finding any footage of him performing magic on the internet.

    It’s a little known fact that Jerry Sadowitz does the odd show for children.
    Something which I’m sure Frankie Boyle would find impossible.

  3. Indeed! I mean probably about 20 years apart, but we went to the same school nonetheless. Ivor Cutler, Alex Norton, John Martyn and er, Ian Brady are also fellow alumni.

  4. Well, 1 murderer out of 4 ain’t bad.

  5. I thought you might appreciate that. The rest were all arty types, ANY school can produce an artist. Shawlands was special and produced one of the countries most notorious serial killers. There was a girl at my school who helped kill a man in the park when I was still there too (I didn’t know her – she was a couple of years below me). It was a nasty case, but to be fair, not a regular occurrence at the school.

  6. I’m going to see him with my bud stormin normin at the kings theatre on the 23 3 2013 and. I know it’s going to be a night to remember I wish.he would bring. Out a few. Dvds and show some of these so called.comedians how its done Boyle and co might learn something from the master pisses me of these these guys make a fortune while jerry makes a fraction life is so unfair

  7. Just back after watching sadowitz. At the kings theatre this guy is from a different planet absolutely brilliant never heard or seen anything like it in my life if you have a good sense of humour and are not easily offended you must go and see the true master of comedy you won’t be. Disappointed genuis

  8. I seen sadowitz last night and he was brilliant no other comedian can touch him he’s in a league of his own can’t wait to go and see him again genuis

  9. I first saw Sadowitz on tv, channel 5 when I was a high school student and liked the character, heard one of his shows online and liked him more. It’s a shame he doesn’t do stand up anymore 😦

    • He does stand-up all the time you idiot.

  10. Of to see sadowitz again in March can’t get enough of this guy hilarious bought his old vhs video last year watched it a few times really funny wish he would bring out some Dvds but I’m not holding my breath you can still get the video on amazon

  11. Sadowitz back at the kings theatre in March don’t miss out if you like outrageous comedy and world class magic

  12. Just back from seeing sadowitz at kings theatre the man is a genius go. And see him can’t wait to see him again mindblowing

  13. 20 or so years after seeing a Reading festival audience baying for his blood as he systematically alienated each part in blisteringly funny style, I’ve caught a couple of the more recent shows and he’s one of the best stand ups you’ll see. The throw away magic is better than the stand up – try and track down copies of his Crump magazine which is filled in equal measure with entertainment and advanced card magic theory.

  14. I believe ISIS, the Islamic version of the Covenanters, main English speaking female recruiter went to Shawlands Academy for a time.

  15. Jerry Sadowitz is a fucking God. A God of free speech. If you don’t get it, then you’re just too stupid, which is clearly your problem, not his…

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