I work in a concert hall and last month everyone got asked to put together a presentation about any upcoming event or concert. I’m not to sure why really.

Maybe it was to improve our knowledge of what’s going on at work. Maybe it was one of those team building exercises that just exist to demean you. I don’t know what the point of it was. It could’ve been a huge expensive waste of time. But it wasn’t.

Folk paired up and prepared their speeches which were to be delivered at the end of the day. Sean and I didn’t fancy the idea of writing a massive boring plug for a show. Our idea was: “Let’s pick The Ray Mears Show and build a fucking Ray Mears Danger Box!”

So that’s what we did.
What’s a fucking Ray Mears Danger Box?


Which opens out into THIS!:

Notice the amazing tent inside and the highly realistic grass detail on the sides! You probably don’t see the pictures of soldiers on the doors but that’s because they are wearing camouflage and it makes them invisible to the naked eye.

So that was last month.
The Ray Mears Danger Box just sits in work now being dangerous.

What to do with it…
It’s obviously professional enough to be mass produced making us instant millionaires but that’s just not our style.

Ray Mears is coming to Glasgow on October 13th.

I think it’s only right that I disguise myself as a crazy fan, get myself backstage and present him with The DANGER BOX!

Until then, I like to sit THE RAY MEARS DANGER BOX under my desk at work because it looks like it’s connected to the wires from my computer.

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  1. Oh Alan – if only you had asked. I could have given you Biohazard tape to add to it.

    • Shame.

      Feel free to gimmie some anyways.
      You never know when it will come in handy.

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