I’m Going On The Skag.

I don’t know about giving up smoking.
I just don’t.
I mean, I enjoy smoking.

There are days when I think:
“Right that’s fucking it! I’m giving up!”

And then usually later on the same day I think:
“Ach, I don’t really want to give up yet.
What’s life without a vice or six!”

My mind basically argues with itself all the time and I just have to go along with the winner.
So as it is just now,
I’ve just decided to cut right down on cigarettes.

Ditch The Old Me:

For The New Me

See the thing is,
If I completely give up smoking I’ll need to take up something else to replace it with.
Like coffee (which I’ve been off for a year) or heroin or…heroin dipped in coffee or something.
That’s it!

Right that’s it settled.
I’m going on the skag.
Heroin would be less stessful than ditching cigarettes.
I’ll be too wasted to even know what a cigarette is!

I could even start some sort of great Jamie Oliveresque anti-smoking campaign!
No wait.

Ach, who am I kidding 😦
I’ve always had a handful of habits that folk tell me are bad.
The problem is I like them!

…I think I’m gonna be a pretty angry man for the next few weeks.
Sorry to everyone I know in advance.

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  1. well done mr cook :))

    im away for a snout :Dx

  2. TWO’S ON IT! 🙂

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