Last Known Photographs.

There’s a not very nice photo of John Lennon lying dead in a body bag on a stretcher available on the internet.
I saw it years ago and it’s always bothered me.
I was wondering about the last photo of Lennon alive.

I think it’s this one from the night he died:

That got me wondering about other last known photographs.
Here’s what I found:

Elvis Presley:

Jim Morrison:

Freddie Mercury:

Jimi Hendrix:

Ray Charles:

Johnny Cash:

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  1. Admittedely completely morbid, here is a link to a picture the sensitive souls at the National Enquirer have printed 3 times of River Phoenix in his casket:

    I’ve never seen that photey of Jim Morrison before.

  2. Unfortunately,
    I’ve seen that Phoenix picture before.

    It was the Enquirer who paid for the body bag photo of John Lennon too.

    $5000 I believe.

    I really like the last set of Jimi Hendrix pictures.
    He’s just wandering around a garden playing his guitar in the sun.

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