“Back To The Future” Concept Art.

This follows on from the last post and onto the next one.

We all know the ‘Back To The Future‘ films and how great they are and how,
If you haven’t seen them,
You’ve haven’t seen anything.

But do you know about the artist behind the classic artwork for the trilogy?
That was Drew Struzan and he’s responsible for these:

A lesser known piece of art from the trilogy is this:

Don’t worry.
It’s not for a ‘Back To The Future: Part IV‘.
(Let’s hope that never ever gets made).
It’s an unused piece for the Part III cover.

Even Drew Struzan’s outtakes are jaw droppingly good.
So far as I know,
He used acrylic paints and coloured pencils on gessoed board to create the final pieces.

I dug around to see if I could find any Struzan working sketches or concept art.
I found these:

‘Back To The Future: Part I‘. (1985):

‘Back To The Future: Part II‘. (1989):

‘Back To The Future: Part III‘. (1990):

There’s a good chance that you own some Drew Struzan artwork in some format or another.
From ‘Blade Runner‘ to ‘Indiana Jones‘ to ‘Harry Potter‘,
Drew Struzan did the artwork.

You can see a helluva lot of his working and final pieces right HERE.

Don’t say I never show you anything .

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  1. Drew Struzan also did the famous poster for “Return to Oz,” the one with most of the main characters in the Gump flying away from Mombi’s tower.

  2. That he did Jared!

    And great it is too!

    See the picture Jared mentioned here folks:

  3. I recall holiday-themed newspaper ads for Back to the Future II, which was released in November of 1989, that featured Santa Claus near Christmas, and the New Year’s baby towards the end of December. I still have the one with Santa. I haven’t seen either of them since.

  4. […] The Dude Designs HERE and Graham Humphreys HERE. You may also be interested in the following: * “Back to The Future” Concept Art. * Modern Vintage Movie Posters: Part I. * Modern Vintage Movie Posters: Part […]

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