I Found Narnia In Glasgow.

In The Panopticon Shop on High Street.
I got all 7 books for 6 bucks.

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  1. … Those are some pretty cool covers! I’ve only seen the cover artwork of “The Horse and His Boy” before.

  2. Aye,

    As soon as I saw the covers,
    I was buying them

    Got a real bargain I think.

  3. holy shit man!! :O al thats my childhood right there….i’ve read all a them…at least ten times…i kid you not. those exact covers. heavy loves it. XX

  4. p.s. yeah man you got a bargain awrite… me ol da paid £20 odd for
    them 20 years ago. saaa – weeeet. ha

  5. actually, i could be considered somewhat of an authority on the narnia books. 😉

  6. Your old Dad paid £20!?
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    Your Dad had great taste in everything.

    Seriously Oweny?

    That’s amazing!
    I never knew you liked them.
    Heh heh.

    Your full of surprises.

    Remember that time when you found,
    What was it,
    £150 in your DVD case of Lord Of The Rings because you’d stashed it there ages ago incase of emergency.

    Ha ha! 🙂

  7. £250 smakeroonies….. holy horse shit i must’ve been in some nick to forget about that.

    love to ma bruv.xx

  8. My goodness! That’s the cover of the copy of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe I read as a child!! I think it was originally my sister’s, actually.

    The others don’t look so familiar… but then I never did read the whole series

  9. You did get a bargin there, those are Fontana Lion paperbacks originally published back in 1980.
    What you have got there are the UK versions, which differ in text somewhat from US printings so, if you can get access to any US version you might find the differences interesting.

  10. Thanks for the info RbSned.
    I had no idea they went back to 1980.

    Like I said,
    I think I definately got a bargain.

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