Alice In Wonderland: Tim Burton’s Illustrations.

Here are some of Tim Burton’s Illustrations from the upcoming film ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

The Mad Hatter:

The Red Queen:

The Tweedles:

The Knave Of Hearts:

My expectations aren’t high for this film but that’s only because I’ve got problems with too much Green Screen and I think it dates a picture very quickly.

How do you do ‘Alice In Wonderland’ any other way?
Who cares.

Ain’t those illustrations brilliant!
Tim Burton has a great imagination!
It’s nice and twisted too.
Always a good thing in my book.

It’s great to see those illustrations provide the starting point for these images:

I’m looking forward to seeing this film!

EDIT: I saw the film in 3D and really didn’t like it.

I didn’t like the way it looked.
It was slow in the middle and actually bored me.

Johnny Depp seemed to just be there because he’s Johnny Depp.

There was no…Magic to the film.

I like that they tried to make a new version of ‘Alice In Wonderland’.
I mean,
They did.

It’s just that it was pretty dull.

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  1. Whee! I am looking forward to this, although I’m a little wary because Mr. Burton has let me down recently (I’m having trouble forgiving him for the awful Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)..

    Still… I’m willing to give this a good chance! I’ve a terrible habit of missing films in the cinema so I need to make sure I catch this.

    I think we should have long chats about what we thought when we’ve seen it, Mr. Cook!

    Alice is such a pretty name… Hehe

  2. Tim Burton,

    Johnny Depp,

    Christopher Lee…..

    How could ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ go wrong?

    That’s how.

    Aye, I’m looking forward to seeing this.
    Long chats about films sound good to me Carrie!

  3. CGI and green screen, one Oompa Loompa, Johnny Depp without appropriate Wonka facial hair (and generally under-achieving costume design), repeating the one thing that ruined the musical version for me (Charlie samples something)… Very disappointing. And the backstory was unnecessary but could be forgiven due to Christopher Lee.

    I had many problems.

  4. I liked Burton’s adaptation of “Charlie” better than the 1970’s “Willy Wonka.” Burton’s was bizarre, funny, and had a bit of heart. The 70’s one was just weird and a little too contrived with the Slugworth subplot. And the 70’s one didn’t show you what became of the other kids, it just had Willy saying they would be okay. (Yeah… after they were raped, murdered, and eaten by the Oompa-Loompas.) Burton’s shows them leaving the factory.

    In both cases, the book was better.

    I’m not a fan of CG myself, but I’ll still see his Alice.

  5. I did my Higher Grade English Paper in School on ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’.

    I love the books!

    I agree with the two of ya!

    When I was about 10 years old and we only had the Gene Wilder film version,
    It was loved.

    I liked Gene Wilder’s Wonka.
    He was sinister.
    Plus I like that the 70’s version doesn’t tie up the loose ends.

    I liked Burtons version loads.
    But already,
    It’s dated.
    Danny Elfman also wasn’t up to his usual standards.
    Christopher Lee rescued the film a little bit at the end for me.

    I agree about the costumes too Carrie.

    One of my favourite parts was when Willy takes his hat off and he has a tiny Fringe.

    I recently watched ‘Edward Scissorhands’ & ‘Beetlejuice’ and it’s now 2010 and those films are fucking perfect in every single way!

    What does that say?

  6. […] Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland”? Remember how I was originally excited about it? Remember how much I hated […]

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