Alice In Wonderland: Lewis Carroll’s Illustrations.

I’ve started re-reading Lewis Carroll‘s ‘Annotated Alice‘ .

Partly because:
(a) I need something to read.
(b) Tim Burton‘s ‘Alice’ film is not far away and just incase it’s terrible,
I want to remind myself of how much I love the books.

I love Tim Burton but I just don’t know if I like the look of this film yet y’know?


Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript for ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ was titled ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ and he illustrated it himself.

I thought I’d show a few of Carroll’s original illustrations here because nowadays we tend to think of John Tenniel as the definitive ‘Alice Illustrator’.

As you can see HERE,
For my money,
Arthur Rackham defined it all.

All the same,
I like Lewis Carroll’s Illustrations a lot and here are some of them:

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  1. I love these. These are nowhere near as detailed as John Tenniel’s, and not quite as Rackham, but they have their own charm.

    (You can see them all here: )

  2. I love them too Jared.

    Thanks for the link.

    If you haven’t seen it,
    This is one of my favourite ‘Alice’ Sites:

  3. I always liked some of Carroll’s own pics. Have you seen Oleg Lipchenko’s Alice illustrations? Featured on our blog –

  4. […] illustrations that appeared in the first edition, and rightly so, but Carroll himself provided his own drawings in the manuscript of the book. Alice has always had a visual complement. The best editions adapt […]

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