What We All Need, Is This!

I can’t sleep.
I’ve been awake for just about 20 Hours.

I know I’m tired.
I know I’m tired because for about 10 minutes there,
I was convinced that this was the best thing since the wheel:

It’s a ‘Shining‘ ‘Jack Nicholson/Jack Torrance Snow Globe.

It’s actually not the best thing since the wheel is it.
It’s just a cardboard cut-out of Jack in a snowglobe isn’t it.
I don’t need it do I.
It would be a waste of money wouldn’t it.

Well you’re right!

It would be a waste of money!
Because that money could be going towards THIS!:

A ‘Shining’ Cuckoo Clock!

Look at the description of what it does:

“Every hour Jack Breaks through the door and the famous line:
Here’s Johnny” plays followed by the scream of Shelly Duvall”.

I need one of these.
You need one!

We all need to get ourselves ‘Shining’ Cuckoo Clocks People!


I’m going to bed.


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  1. It *is* the best thing since the wheel; and I agree with you – what all of us need is a Shining Cuckoo Clock.
    It never hurts to have a small piece of genius on the wall in your house.

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