John R. Neill.

I find myself mentioning the name John R. Neill on here quite a lot these days.

He’s my favourite illustrator.
His work is always jaw droppingly good and when he’s really on form,
It’s mind blowing!

For all Neill was prolific,
You’ll find it very difficult to find most of his work (Outside of the ‘Oz Series‘) online.
Or anywhere else for that matter.

Over there on the right hand side of this blog,
You’ll see that I’ve added ‘John R. Neill’ as a new category.

Over time,
I hope to put up some of his more ‘Hard to find’ works.

Like I said,
It’s not all that easy to find his pieces but I recently dug deep and found some interesting things.

Every image won’t be as crystal clear as I would like them to be.
That’s just the way things go.

This man was born in 1877 and a lot of his work is long out of print.

I’m not out to build a Neill Archive here.
(Although somebody should).
I’ll do my best to put up some of Neill’s lesser known illustrations and generally show why he’s
Still second to none for me.

Neill’s family run site is worth a visit.
Find it HERE.

P.S. The ‘R‘ stood for ‘Rea’.

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