A Strange Stroll About Town.

The other night I was hanging out of my window.

I was waiting on my washing machine to stop.
I was passing the time watching a gang of idiots fight each other on the street.

My door buzzer interrupted the entertainment.

“I need to turn your water off for half an hour”.

Me: “Do you? And who might you be?”

I went out to find out what was going on.
There was a toilet outside my front door.

That explains that then.

Got up the next day and decided to take a stroll about town.
Y’know that way where you just fancy a bit of a wander?
A Sunday morning stroll.

First thing I saw was this:

That’s right.
An old man on a motorised scooter on the road.

Then at snails pace,
He jumps the red light.

Heh heh,
The crazy fool.
I followed him for a bit then got bored and took a detour.

I walked some backstreets into Strathclyde University’s Campus.
Lotta forgettable buildings full of hungover students.

Forgettable buildings except this one:

More people should stick animals on their houses really…

So that was me wandering around some more…

Then I found this:

A big massive 12 foot tall safety pin with a bird on top of it.

It’s an art sculpture.
There was a plaque saying so.

I would like it more if there was no plaque.
No explanation.

Because then more people would react the same way I did.

“Is that a….Big twelve foot high safety pin with a bird on top of it?”
“The Hell is that doing there?”

Glasgow’s a funny place at the Weekends.

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