Paper Aeroplane.

From ‘Limmy’s Show’:

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  1. Sorry Al… Limmy’s just not funny!

    This is fact, not opinion.

  2. You are walking on very thin ice my dear.

    Very thin ice.

  3. But… he’s not!! He’s not even interesting enough to be offensive or embarrassing! Not edgy, not clever, not witty, not particularly observational (although he attempts observational)…

    Once or twice I’ve seen something that’s made me chuckle slightly. But I’VE said stuff that’s made me chuckle slightly and I’M not funny!!

    I’m sorry… I’ve tried. I realise the strain this may put on our friendship, but I can’t hide how I feel, Al!!

  4. For some reason I just watched the episode about someone’s mum having their head kicked in…what the fuck?

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