Cartoonist & Illustrator: Iain Leckie.

You might know him as LECKIE.

Leckie has been the artist for The Daily Record for as long as I can remember and he’s just about to retire at 59.

Along with Bagpipes, Creative Swearing, Tartan, Whisky, Billy Connolly and Shortbread,
There’s Iain Leckie.

Here’s an example of how much I liked Iain Leckie’s work as a kid:
I actually followed Scottish Football for a short time because of his drawings.
(Are you reading this ‘Guy Incognito!?’)

I’m more of an Evening Times man myself but The Daily Record was always lying about our house.

I used to flick past the news to find Leckie’s ‘Telly Laugh’ which was a big square
(A telly screen now that I think about it) full of caricature’s of famous and infamous people of the day.
You could always get a better and more honest take on the news from Iain’s drawings.

I used to copy the ‘Telly Laugh’ line by line and word for word every week into the wee hours.
I even copied his signature on the side.
I still have them in some box somewhere at the back of a loft.
Later on,
I started to write and draw my own things.

What I’m trying to say is,
Iain Leckie shaped my early artwork and I’m glad of it.

All of his work had this great thing about it.
It all looked Glasgow.

Iain memorably drew a picture of how he thought John Lennon would look if he’d have lived:

You’ll be lucky to find anything online about Leckie.
I struggled.

There were some pictures recently in the paper and here they are:

Scottish Steelworks Grim Reaper, Robert Scholey:

The Scotland Team on their way to the European Championship in Sweden 1992:

Taggart actor Mark McManus:

OJ Simpson 1995:

Rangers & Motherwell player Davie Cooper:

I don’t know if Iain Leckie is really retiring or just retiring from The Daily Record.
I hope it’s just The Record.

59 is young to me.

Good luck Leckie!

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  1. Davie cooper looks like Leiland Palmer out of Twin Peaks.*unnerved*
    I recognise that Scotland football team one.

  2. Alan, you’re an incredible portrait artist.^^
    I absolutely LOVE your painting of Mark McManis as Taggart.VERY well done.Greetings from your fellow artist, Denise LaFrance in Toronto.

    • Aplogies Mr. Leckie..I’m sorry- got your name wrong.
      Should have referred to you as Iain (& not “Alan Cook”)

  3. Hi Denise, thanks for the compliment from a fellow artisan and belated greetings from Iain leckie in Scotland.

  4. Absolutely fabulous article..thank you for posting it..Iain is a most talented artist and Iam glad to call him my friend..x🌈🎈👍

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