A Dive With Character.

Have you ever thought about what you’ll be doing when you die?

I don’t mean what you’ll be physically doing at the moment your heart stops and you drop.
I mean where you’ll be in your life when you die.

Ever thought about that?

I think about it all the time.
I have my own wee vision of end of life happiness.

I’d be 65.
I’d like to be scraping by.
I’d like to have enough to get by.
I’d like to have just enough not to worry.
I’d like to be content and wind down slowly,
Thinking of all my great memories and making new ones.

Wouldn’t we all?

I’d like to own a coffee shop in New York.
Way off the beaten track.
Some back alley in Hell’s Kitchen maybe.
Somewhere hard to find.
The kind of place you find because you’re lost.

It’s not a lot to ask for really is it?

I’d like a place which looks a little rundown.
In short,
A dive with character.
I’d put my heart and soul into it and I’d serve coffee & Eclairs.
And there would be none of your fancy Double Macchiato’s or Semi-skimmed double shot Latté’s either.
I’d be having none of that.

It would be:

“Tea or coffee?”
“Black or white?”
“Hot Chocolate Miss?”

Your drink would arrive in a big colourful ceramic mug.
I’d like to have regulars and locals.

I’d spin yarns to them about Scotland and play tunes on my guitar.
I’d have white hair and a big long beard and I’d look like a sort of distinguished rambling tramp.
And I’d be happy.

The walls of the coffee shop would be filled with artwork and framed photos of things, places & people that mean something to me.

There would be a jukebox in the corner chock full of the rarest 1950’s Rock & Roll B-Sides and hard to find records.
45’s & 78’s.
They wouldn’t really matter because I’d be playing THIS constantly.

I would have a small staff and they would help me serve simple food.
There would be a menu which would read:

Al’s Place’
(Where you’re almost always welcome!)


(Disclaimer: ‘Al’s Place doesn’t actually do Supper.
Just because you’re in the City that never sleeps don’t mean I don’t gotta)

Remember that great Michael Mann film ‘Collateral’?
Jamie Foxxs’ character is a cab driver and in his sun visor he keeps a picture of his dream place.
His wee Something to aim for.

That coffee shop.
The idea of me being 65 and that coffee shop.

That’s my Jaime Foxx sun visor picture.
That’s my something to aim for.

That would suit me just fine.

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  1. If/when you have that coffee shop, can I make cakes for it? Tasty homebaked goodness!

    I’ll wear nice outfits and have excellent customer service too – hire me!!

  2. See,

    I’m only planning to sell ecalirs really Carrie.

    Can you make them?

  3. I’ve never tried… but probably! But you should expand a little. Once you’ve tasted one of my cakes you’ll change your mind! Nowt fancy, just simple, tasty cupcakes.

  4. I will embrace my death is someone can guarantee the end like this.

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