The Glasgow Royal Concert Halls Foyer Paintings.

I couldn’t find any pictures of these paintings online so I took my own.

These paintings hang in the foyer of The Glasgow Royal Concert Halls.

“Pillow Of Dreams” – Steven Campbell (1995):

You may notice that the actual pillow is missing from the painting and that is because a wee boy pulled it off a few years ago. Maybe he thought it was ridiculous 🙂
“The Pillow Of Dreams” depicts opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland garlanded with a tiara of tears, with the pillow (not) resting on her chin, a ‘place for dreams’.

I don’t know what that means either folks.
Next up,

“Concert Hall” – Adrian Wiszniewski (1995):

As you can see, Wiszeniewski’s painting shows a quartet playing various musical instruments in bright, vibrant colours.
I don’t mind that painting but this one is by far my favourite:

“Forest” – Ken Currie (1995):

“Forest” by Ken Currie depicts a dark group of figures indicating a choir, and is, according to the artist – open to individual interpretation.

Thanks Ken!
When I look at that painting I see a group of braindead old zombie corpses who are hungry for babies and brains, finding their way out of the graveyard on a cold, cold night.

“My Great Heart” – Peter Howson (1996):

Howson’s “My Great Heart” was inspired by reading Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and the novels of John Buchan, which explore the strength of the human spirit. The image is also a distillation of the characters Howson remembers from personal experiences; from the rougher parts of Glasgow to the war-torn towns of Bosnia. The boxer is a recurrent motif as Howson was himself a boxer and for him signifies the triumph of the underdog.

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  1. Top tastic

  2. Good eh?

    Well except for the top one.

    That’s horrendous.

  3. The bottom one is by Peter Howson… possibly called The Boxer (although I might just be making that up). I see Pillow Lady doesn’t have her pillow back yet, then. It’s been months since I’ve been in GRCH!

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