Jack Daniels & Mimosa.

I’ve been dead busy lately so I write the blog whenever I’m on the go and have the chance.
Wrote this a few days ago…

Allow me to set the scene for you folks.

It’s 8pm.
Boxing Day/Night.

I have work tomorrow so I left the Christmassy warmth of my folks’ home and trundled back to my freezing internetless flat.
Believe me,
It would have been Jack at the end of ‘The Shining’ freezing were it not for the big ol’ bottle of Jack my parents kindly gave me for Christmas.

So I cracked the bottle,
Sparked a couple of candles,
Stared at the illustration on my desk that has to be finished by January and played the latest installment of ‘Max Koch’s Mimosa’ Radio Show.

Anyone who bothers to keep up with the intellect free drivel I write on here will know that I fucking love this show.
I listen to them all.

In the last year I’ve became a complete workaholic.
Illustration (And day job) wise and let me tell you this!

Whilst drawing,
I can only listen to certain music.

Mostly dark midnight music that fits the mood of the illustration I’m doing.
I like to think that some of what I’m listening to finds its way into the illustration I’m doing at the time.
It probably doesn’t but I like to think it anyway.
It’s a weird thing and it always depends on what time of night it is but it works.

Max Koch’s Mimosa Show also always works!
It shouldn’t because the show is so absorbing and involving but it just does!

So tonight,
I’m 10 minutes into this new show when ‘FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!’
Max Koch & The Counselor give me a mention!

Not only that!
My illustration style gets described by Koch as ‘Tim Burton-Esque’!
Believe that?!
I can’t tell you how much that put a smile on my face but

I attacked my illustration and made some good progress.
(I stopped to write this).

Have you folks even listened to this Mimosa show yet?

Don’t worry.
If someone recommends something to me,
I’m terrible at checking it out straight away.
I hate hype and sometimes steer clear for years to avoid it.

(I finally watched all of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies this year because all the heat had died down on them).

You folks have no excuse.

I’ve been on about this show for a LONG fucking time people!

You could die soon.


Max Koch gained some attention a few years back through his Youtube ‘Channeling’ videos of Tony Soprano and was so Tony Soprano that,
Last time I watched ‘The Sopranos’ it didn’t seem right ‘cause Jim Gandolfini wasn’t Max.
That’s how fucking good this guy is.

Forget that because it’s only a very small part of this guy’s talent.
The Mimosa show is 100 Fucking Per Cent Original!
No two shows are even nearly the same.

It’s the kind of show you can easily listen to many times and find more than you did first time around.
Show topics include:
Movies, Friends, Technology, Popeye, Talent, Good Times, Bad Times, Music, Art, News, Comedy, Love, Horror, cancer, Death, Whisky, Wimen, Animals, The Internet, Family, Channeling, Sex, The Past, The Future,
And A Big Over-Flowing Barrel full of Laughter and Life in general.
Is that enough for you?!

It’s also a very interesting look into Max Koch’s life.
A Big talent with a Big heart which easily comes across in these shows.

It’s always a worry to me when I write about things like this.
I mean,
I’ll probably read this back to myself and realise that I sound like a weirdo internet stalker or something.

Fuck it.

This show means loads to me and it’s such easy listening.
(Who else can laugh so heartily in the face of breast cancer and dying?)

The show has been around since 2006 and there are a lotta shows but folks,
Pick any one and I guarantee that even if you don’t love it as much as I do,
You’ll learn a thing or three.

Listen to the show HERE.
Max’s Youtube Channel HERE.

Here’s Max’s latest Christmas video.
It’s a fucking peach too!


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