Ray Davies In Concert 2009.

I took my Dad along to see Ray Davies last night.

Know what,
It was pretty fucking good!
Not fucking great!
Fucking good.

I wasn’t convinced at the start.
I love Ray Davies’ songs and I’d heard that these days,
His shows are like Ray doing Karaoke versions of his own songs.

It wasn’t quite like that but he turned a lot of classic songs into crappy crowd sing-a-longs.

It’s that thing isn’t it.
That thing where once almightily talented people get to a certain age where they can’t do it anymore.
Or if they can do it,
It comes off as ridiculous.
Know what I mean?

I didn’t get that from last night.
Ray was cool.

The first half of the concert was acoustic and he sounded like a good busker.
That’s alright with me!

It was good.
He was funny and obviously out to enjoy himself.
As everyone knows,
He’s a great storyteller too.
He’s an even better storyteller with a couple of drinks in him!

Remember that time a few years ago when Ol’ Ray got shot in Ny’awlins?
We’ll he tells that tale and it’s hilarious.

I was enjoying it.
I thought “This is okay man!”
Then he strapped on a blue Stratocaster and brought his band out and the fun really began.

I’m terrible for remembering setlists but I remember ‘Till The End Of The Night’.
It was loud and crunchy and ballsy as fuck.
Highlights that I remember were:

‘A Well Respected Man’,
‘I Need You’
& ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’.
Oh aye!
He did a tune called ‘The Morphine Song’ which I liked and hadn’t heard before.

(Obviously there were other highlights like ‘Waterloo Sunset’ & ‘Dead End Street’)

I walked in not really knowing what to expect and left pretty pleased.

Listening to his voice and watching his hands,
It looks to me that Ray Davies still sings his tunes in the same keys he originally recorded them in.
That goes a long way for me.

My Dad liked it too.

Dad broke every rule in the auditorium but I think he got some decent photos.
I’ll stick them up on here whenever he mails them to me.

I had to leave a wee bit early so I missed the last song.

It was probably ‘Lola.

All in all,
A surprisingly good gig.

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  1. I saw him in the Concert Hall two or three years ago (before I worked there) and really enjoyed him! I too took my dad… and my mum!

    I was actually going to try and get them tickets this time around until I realised all three of us would be on the road home from Birmingham that night…

    Glad you enjoyed it – he puts on a good show and I think he’s still got “it”… A lot of his peers really should give it up and it can get a bit embarrassing watching them, but I think Mr. Davies is still pretty cool. Rock and roll!


  2. awrite young al of duke street?

    did he play apeman?? xx

  3. He surely did m’friend!

    Matter of fact,
    ‘Apeman’ was one of the first songs he did.

    Hope to see you round Christmas! :)x

  4. Matter of fact,

    Most of his set was made up of Kinks tunes.

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