Hebridean Humpties.

This is a Hebridean Humpty:

These are Hebridean Humpties:

This is Alex Salmond looking at a Hebridean Humpty version of himself:

I was just talking with Nicky McAlindon the lady who makes them.

She has a Humpty stall at a craft fair here and you wanna see it folks!
About 150 Hebridean Humpties of all colours and sizes!
She even has a wee Nosferatu Humpty.
They look amazing.

She has a website HERE and was also telling me that Vic Reeves has one.
Vic Reeves!

She mentioned that she was in the process of making a Vic & Bob pair of Humpties.
Vic’s Humpty being made from tweed.

Good luck Nicky!
Those Humpties are brilliant!

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