OZ Book Covers (PART II): Thompson.

When L. Frank Baum died,
Ruth Plumly Thompson took over his OZ series.
Illustrator John R. Neill continued to produce the artwork.

These books are very rare these days and so,
Some of the pictures I’ve used are not the best quality.
It’s still very easy to see how good John R. Neill was by looking at them.

The Royal Book Of Oz

Kabumpo In Oz 1


Grampa In Oz.jpg .

The Lost King Of Oz

The Hungry Tiger Of Oz

the gnome King Of Oz.jpg .



the yellow Knight Of Oz.jpg .





The Wishing Horse Of Oz.

Captain Salt In Oz .

Handy Mandy In Oz



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  1. i’d pump thon handy mandy!

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