OZ Book Covers (PART I): Baum.

I’m at a stage in the OZ project I’m working on that I haven’t been looking forward to.
Although I’m still preparing inside page illustrations,
I need to start thinking about a front cover.

L. Frank Baums’ series of books had the best covers!
You just can’t wack ’em.

The first book in the series was illustrated by W.W. Denslow and a first edition looked like this:


The great Books Of Wonder do justice to Baum’s OZ books these days.
I love these covers and I’d like to create a cover in the vain of John R. Neills’ originals.
I’m going to put all of Neill’s covers in order up here over a couple of posts so you can see why I admire this guy so much and also so that I can turn to this when I need inspiration.

Like I say,
The first one was illustrated by Denslow but everything from “The Marvelous Land Of Oz” is Neill’s work.

Here are Baums’ titles:

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Ozma Of Oz

Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz

The Road To Oz

The Emerald City Of Oz

The Patchwork Girl Of Oz

Tik-Tok Of Oz

The Scarecrow Of Oz

Rinkitink In Oz

The Lost Princess Of Oz

The Tin Woodman Of Oz

The Magic Of Oz

Glinda Of Oz

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