BBC TV Sinister Test Cards.

You can watch Television until your eyes pop out and your brain completely fries itself.

It seems like a lifetime ago but there once was a time (The 1980’s & Early 90’s) when TV ended for the night.

Early in the morning actually.

When the last programme was finished,
A clock appeared on the screen.
A voice would announce that television was finished for the night.
Sometimes they even wished all the viewers a good night.

Nice touch.

After that,
The National Anthem would be played and BBC TV ended for the night.


It was like this:

The screen would be black for an hour or so until the Test Card appeared on screen.

The Test Card!
It used to creep me out.

Especially The BBC’s most famous one.
Test Card F:



Sinister if you’re a small boy up at strange hours staring at a TV screen in a dark living room while everyone else is asleep upstairs.
Upstairs, Asleep and therefore completely useless to you when the girl and the clown in the Test Card reach out and pull you into the screen to play noughts & crosses forever.


Funny the things you think about when you’re wee isn’t it.

Did you ever wonder what became of the girl on the Test Card?


I did.
So I looked her up.
Her name is Carole Hersee and these days she looks like this:


Nobody knows whatever became of the clown…


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