Ruining Original Movie Artwork: I.

Y’know what I don’t like?

I don’t like how original movie artwork is fucked about with and changed.

I’m gonna use the movie “JAWS” as an example but it happens with most films these days as soon as they hit DVD.

This usually happens when the bare bones DVD is replaced with:
“Anniversary” or “Special” or “Extended” or “100% Uncut!” or some fucking edition that never lives up to the hype or the content it claims to contain.

Here’s the original artwork for “JAWS” with the original colouring:


Then someone decided to tart it up by adding a few bubbles and making the artwork 3-D (And shit):


Someone decided it wasn’t scary enough or something because it got a lot darker for the Anniversary DVD:


Maybe they thought that making it darker would make it cooler or more threatening?

Am I thinking about this too much?
– Probably.
Am I a fucking geek?
– There’s every possibility.

But it’s a shame.
The artwork now looks nothing like what the original artist had in mind in the first place.

Speaking of the original artist.
For “JAWS” the artist was a man called Joe Alves and here is his concept drawing:


Nice eh?

Sorry if this sounds like a massive geekyLoserIhavenogirlfriendorlife type of rant but it annoys me.

Matter of fact.
While I’m at it.
Know what else fucks me right off?

When the movie artwork is completely changed and it gives away the plot!
When I dig out one of the many examples of that I’ll no doubt rant about it on here.

Bet you’re all excited about that.

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  1. Yep, but the artist was Roger Kastel (

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