Ruining Original Movie Artwork: II.

I can only apologise for how geeky I’m about to sound.

Sod it.
It’s my blog and I can write what I bloody well want so just be quiet folks.

This obviously picks up where my last post ended.

So where was I?

Original movie artwork and how it gets cheapened and changed and occasionally spoils the plot of the movie itself.

Let’s look at a wee horror flick from the 1980’s called “Child’s Play“.
The film is basically about a serial killer who (Wait for it)…
Transfers his soul into a doll and goes on a massive murderous revenge spree with a 6 year old boy whose body he wants to possess.

I just read that back to myself.

As hard as it is to believe,
“Child’s Play” was a decent horror film at the time and nothing like the bad joke it’s become these days.
No seriously.
It was!
Watch the trailer HERE.

I remember seeing a poster for it somewhere when I was a kid and really wanting to see it.
It looked like this:


From that poster I thought:
* Whose eyes are those?
* Why are they so wide open?
* What’s that lightning all about?
* Why has that woman fallen from that high building?
* Was she pushed?
* Why is it called “Child’s Play”?
* I’d better see this and find out.
* Wonder if my folks will let me watch it.
* Fuck it. My Aunt Heather will definitely let me watch it.

That all came from the poster.
Somewhere along the years the artwork was slightly changed:


That was fine.
There was still a bit of mystery about the plot.
Who was the killer?

I remember playground rumours about this film and some folks thought there was gonna be a massive twist in the plot and the 6 year old boy would be the killer instead of the doll..

Looking back,
That would have been a great idea.

Some years roll by and the film comes to DVD.
Now it looks like this:


Plot completely fucked.
Now we know it’s about a killer doll and we know what it looks like too.

Few years after that and the film has an “Anniversary” Edition.
Now it just looks completely silly and pretty cheaply made:


I’m not trying to make out that this film is a masterpiece because it isn’t.
All I’m saying is that if I was in charge of the people handling the design of the packaging,
They’d all be fired for that.
Heh heh.

(I’d also fire the people who did THIS).

That’s the end of my geeky rants for today.

To say that I will never appear so geeky on here again would be to lie.

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  1. 1) There is absolutely nothing wrong with being geeky. I find it’s a very attractive feature.

    2) I’m going to prove this by being a language geek.* On two occassions in that entry you wrote “who’s” instead of “whose”. Also you spelled “definitely” incorrectly.

    3) Sorry. x

    * I say geek because it makes me sound cooler. We both know I mean pedantic loser.

  2. No I didn’t.


  3. *shakes fist* Ooh you scamp!

  4. Thank you for ruining my night!
    It’s taken years of therapy toremove Chucky & the Bride of Chucky from my memory and now…NOW…
    Almost as scarey is Hamblefrom Playschool. Nowthere was a freak doll

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