2 Guys & 2 Ladies & 5 Ukulele’s.

I’ve wanted to learn a new instrument for a while now.
I’m interested in Saxaphones and Mandolins but last night I discovered that I could bang out a tune (This Tune) on the Ukulele.


It’s a lovely wee instrument and it never crossed my mind before to try it out.

The Islay Bar on Argyle Street has a sort of folky musical night on Mondays.
It’s a good one too!

People wander in with their instruments and sit down and play together.

Last night there were Banjos, Guitars, Something that looked like a Lute to me, Mandolins, Fiddles and Uke’s.
(Owner of the bar told me that even Bagpipers show up from time to time too).

Aye so anyways.

I met a group of folks who were in their 60’s who were all singing and playing Ukulele’s.
2 guys and 2 ladies.
Nice people.
The two ladies kept their Ukulele’s in their handbags which I thought was amazing.
Just goes t’show that old ladies,
The ones you see everyday in the street may just might be carrying a Ukulele.

One of the ladies happened to have a spare Uke on them and gave me a go.
Really enjoyed it!
I’ll probably buy one and play it in the bath.

We must have made a strange sight last night.
I got the feeling that together,
We could have quite possibly resembled obscure folk album covers that nobody knows about.



Heh heh.
They were lovely people and I’ll definately go back for some more Ukuleleing.
Is “Ukuleling” the correct term?

Thought not.

Oh aye,
I can also tick another box on THIS.

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  1. I’m glad you discovered the portable fun of the Ukulele! My mother-in-law gave me one a few years ago and it was the beginning of an obsession! Check out http://www.ukuleleguy.com/ if you want to see how far that obsession has taken me.

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