The Beatles’ Back Album Covers.

Leading on from the last post…

Y’know what I like about these new Beatles Remasters?

I like how they packaged them.
Like mini LP’s.

I don’t have all The Beatles albums on vinyl.
I like to pick up the ones I do have and look at the covers.
The front album covers are world recognised.
You never really see the backs of them.
I like ’em!
I always liked ’em!

When the albums came out on CD in the late 80’s,
The original back covers were gone.

The new remasters put this right.

I like looking at them and I’m gonna stick them all up here soley so and ’cause I can:

Please Please Me

With The Beatles

A Hard Days Night

Beatles For Sale


Rubber Soul



Magical Mystery Tour


Yellow Submarine

Abbey Road

Let It Be

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  1. Hi, thank you for posting the back covers!

    Does “The Beatles – Past Masters” (front cover here: have a back cover?

    If so, can you also please post that one? Thank you!

    • Past Masters was never an LP!
      It was a CD collection only, made up of all the songs that were not on LP’s in the UK. The non-LP songs included songs from singles, one EP, and “alternate single versions,” as well as the German single (Sie Liebe Dich & Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand, which are She Loves You & I Want to Hold Your Hand.) Interesting that 4 songs that were “singles only” in the UK are not on the Past Masters I or II. They are: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever, Baby You’re a Rich Man, and Hello Goodbye. They didn’t have to be in this miscellaneous collection because the CD releases, which mostly used the contents of the British LPs, used the American release of Magical Mystery Tour, which did include these 4 songs. A 5th song, All You Need is Love, was on the American Magical Mystery Tour, but is found on the Yellow Submarine LP (both US and British), so it never would have been part of Past Masters anyway.

  2. Muito Obrigado Pelas Capas!
    Um Abraço Beatlemaníaco! 🙂


  3. The Beatles have sold more than 1 billion records across the globe, a record breaking achievement.

  4. These back covers have been a great find for me today! Bless You. Oh and love the uncle Buck quote!! Grew up on that film, put me off cheese forEVER!…oh and drinking out of the toilet 😉

    • Glad to be of help m’friend!
      Swing by anytime!

  5. Nice, thanks for this.

    Album covers were the best ! Pictures, and writings the size of posters. and some had “full-sized” wall posters in them.
    You could fit a short-story inside of these, not to mention album covers were atleast bendable, but you needed a dry environment for them that’s all.
    Whereas these fu**in’ plastic CD cases are just like the old cheap plastic bumpers on cars, – they were useless, small and broke, or cracked too easy. -they barely had enough room to even squeeze an artist and title down, nevermind not even being able to read the songs list, nor those crappy little postage-stamp pictures.

    I hate CD’s, but now with the potentially higher HQ-lossless-Flac files, all the good audio is hopefully coming back, along with jpegs, and pics the size of the ‘ole Albums. -‘jus need a colour printer 😉 -LoL.
    …but ya, Albums will always be King !

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