The Beatles: 2009 Remasters.

The Beatles

It was always gonna happen wasn’t it.

The Beatles‘ albums get remastered in both Mono & Stereo and are available individualy or as a big fuck off box sets which retail from anything between 170 & 200 smackers!

Lotta money.

I listened to both in an illegal fashion.

Fuck it.
Over many years I bought every Beatles albums on vinyl, cassette and CD so I decided to try before I buy.

Mp3, Lossy, Mono, Stereo.
I listened to all of ’em.
Is there a massive difference?


The Stereo version of ‘Abbey Road‘ for instance blew me away!
‘Come Together’ and ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy) in particular.

On ‘Come Together’ you can hear things like McCartneys subtle piano and if you listen really carefully,
You can hear George Harrison change the pick-up switch from clean to crunchy on his guitar.

Who the fucking hell cares about that?
Is that a word?
(Turns out, It Is).

Here’s what you get in each box:
(Click the words for discriptions)

For the casual listener the early records like ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘With The Beatles’ sound nice and clean and clear and fresh and if you already like The Beatles enough to own all the old late 80’s CD’s,
It’s worth replacing them with these babys.

If you decide on buying these records individually,
Get ‘Revolver’ first and take a listen to the fucking sound of those guitars on ‘She Said She Said’.

That album.
It sounds like it was made yesterday!

It’s obvious that a lot of love and work has went into these remasters but at 200 bucks,
Will folk care enough to buy them?

Certainly seems so.

My mate went into a record shop the other day to price the Stereo Boxset and they were all sold out.
I think that most fans of The Beatles obviously really appreciate good music and these boxes have it all.

Mono or Stereo?

I don’t care.
But, I can’t imagine ‘The White Album’ being much fun in Mono.

I didn’t think most people would care enough to buy these albums again.
I mean,
We all know the music of The Beatles and when it comes down to it,
These remasters just clean the music up.

I was wrong.
They’re selling.

I’m not buying those boxes but I probably will get them individualy over a few months.

(Edit: I started and bought ‘Revolver’).

PS: The other nice thing about these new remasters is in my next post.

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