Glasgow University Anatomy Museum.

My mate Stuart sneaked me in to Glasgows’ Museum of Anatomy at Glasgow University last week.

We’d tried to arrange it for ages but we finally found some time to go and see it.
What a place too!

A jaw dropper!

I’d wanted to see this place for a long long time and I’m glad we got the chance.
It’s pretty impressive and my plan was to take a camera so I could improve my Anatomical artwork.

You can only get so much from drawing from textbooks.

Turns out,
In all the excitement of going, I forgot the fucking camera.

No matter.
I’ll go again.

Stuart said I’d need written permission to photograph a lot of the specimens anyways.
It’s not hard to see why.

Apart from a real person on show dissected the same way as this illustration shows,:


…The museum houses some downright freakshow like things from long ago when it was acceptable.
Pickled things from times past in large jars.

Such as:

Cyclops babies,
Conjoined twins,
A woman’s’ severed face,
Deformed children and fetuses.

Not for the faint hearted but hugely educational and downright fascinating.

Like I said,
I didn’t take any pictures but I found some on the good ol’ internet.

Should I post them here?
Should I?

‘Course I should.



A really educational place to visit and highly recomended.
I’ll get some proper photos next time.

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  1. Y’ morbid fucker! 🙂

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