Stealing From Libraries.

Hi folks!

Sorry I’ve been away for a while but y’see,
I ain’t got no internet access.
I can’t afford to have any until around September.

What can y’do!
Times are tough.

For the next month my blog will be coming to you from the basement library of here:


That’s Glasgows’ Museum Of Modern Art.
A nice place as any to write a blog.

A few days ago I joined the library inside GOMA and they give me free Wi-Fi so that’s pretty cool.

Getting the library card pleased me more than the Wi-Fi.

I haven’t had a library card since I was banned around 18 years ago for continuously stealing books I liked.
Heh heh.

Ooh it was bad.
I was 11 or 12 and terrible at giving books back.
If I liked it,
I was keeping it.

They fined me.
I refused to pay.

This carried on even when I was banned eventually leading to getting completely blacklisted in North Lanarkshire.

I remember going out with this girl in school and she used to out and out steal library books too.
Not for the sheer sake of taking them, No.
It was because she liked them and didn’t have them.
Made sense to me.
She used to say: “I need these books more than the library so I’m taking them“.
Heh heh.

She used to wait outside the building and get me to post books out the toilet windows where she would catch them.

I do love a good bad influence don’t you?

Deary me…

That’s the last time I had a library card.

I got Catholic guilt around the age of 14 and returned most of those books.

Bloody Catholic guilt.
It used to ruin all my fun.


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  1. Yes Al, I thought you’d been a bit tardy withyour blogs recently.
    Just glad I didn’t use the libraries in North Lanarkshire (tsk tsk).
    C ya next week

  2. Hi Julie.

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