Theatre: “Cooking With Elvis”.

Oh well-a bless-a my soul what’s-a wrong with me?

Went to see Lee Halls’ play “Cooking With Elvis” the other night.

If Elvis is involved, I’m there!


Here’s the synopsis from The Tron Theatres’ site:

“What do you do when your Elvis-impersonating Dad is confined to a wheelchair and gets aroused by the vegetable counter in the local supermarket? What happens when your mum starts seducing a man from the cake factory who’s half her age? And how do you cope when you just don’t see the point of life anymore and you can’t get a boyfriend?

Answer: you start cooking. Anything …

Lee Hall’s outrageous comedy is a surreal farce about the human appetite, set to the immortal sounds of The King himself. Walking a fine line between bad taste and deep pathos, Cooking with Elvis is a recipe for outrageous laughter”.

For the past few weeks this play has been all over the papers and it’s been described as ‘Daring’, ‘Comedy at it’s blackest’ and ‘Risqué’.

Is it fuck.
In reality it’s none of these things.

I would describe it as:
“River City with Elvis in a wheelchair”.

(“River City” is a crappy Scottish soap opera with terrible acting and accents in case you don’t know).

Gavin Mitchell from “Still Game” played the Dad and he was easily the best thing about the play.
It’s a shame he didn’t have more lines than he did because it’s pretty obvious that Gavin Mitchell is a fucking great actor.

The rest of the characters were played by River City over actors.

The thing with these actors is this:
No one from Scotland talks the way they do.
Fucking no one.

They tart up and taint their Glaswegian accents to cater for people who may not understand the way they really sound.

It ends up just coming off as silly and funny for all the wrong reasons and made a boring play worse.

I wanted to like “Cooking With Elvis” but when it comes down to it,
I just didn’t.

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  1. Yeah I read a review of it in something – perhaps Metro – that said it was a bit ropey and dated. It may have been a bit edgier when first written but apparently not anymore.

    The first night of it was on when I was doing And The Devil May Drag You Under at the Tron, so we had to be careful of noise coming through… Id like to think the whooping and cheering of girls stripping or Desmond O’Connor singing about Cheap Shite White Wine would’ve added to it, though…

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