A Man & A Horse Made Of Wood.

Picture 005

There once was a man and a horse made of wood.
Who waltzed behind curtains like only they could.
All through the night,
What a very strange sight!
Though, I guess it depends on your mood.

Picture 011

The man loved the horse and the horse loved the man.
The man was meat-coloured and the horse, a deep tan.
With brown leather straps,
And black cowboy hats,
They were liable to end up in the can.

Picture 017

To avoid doing hard time and living off jail food,
They went seperate ways: An attempt to be good.
With a roll in the hay,
A kiss and a “Neigh!”,
Their ‘Goodbye‘ was somewhat quite rude!

Picture 012

The End.

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  1. That is fucking hilarious!

  2. 🙂

    I have too much free time on my hands Jared.

    It’s not big or clever to fool around with wooden horses.



  4. i reckon i pumped that :O ketamine…..just say neigh. x

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