Review: “High Tease & Vegas!”

That’s right folks!
Last night I popped my cherry and worked at “High Tease & Vegas!”
– A burlesque cabaret night.


What a fucking filthy joy it was too!
You see that man in the flyer above with the ukelele and the painted face?
That man sang some of the funniest sickest songs I’ve heard in a long time.

One of his songs was called ‘Motherfucker’ and folks,
It did exactly what it said on the tin.

These pepole put on a great show!

We’re talking:
* Dancers in amazingly glitzy costumes with the highest of heels!
* Bendy, Magic cortortionists!
* Glamourous, Sparkly 1920’s women!
* Top hats & Tails!
* A frisky Elvis!
* Naughty comedians!
* Nipples & tassles!…

Even Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz got her clothes off while over the rainbow!

When that happened,
I definately knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.
Heh heh.

Not Kansas.
Glasgows’ Old Fruitmarket.

Like I say,
I was working but it didn’t feel like work at all.

For a start,
The entire crowd was so well behaved and friendly.

…Even if they did look like this:


Everyone looked amazing and some of the costumes were fucking unreal!
They can come back anytime.

This was an unofficial start to Glasgow’s Cabaret Festival and a good warm up for some suitably slick sick things to come from what I was hearing last night.

I’d never been to a burlesque night before.
I’m gonna dive in headfirst to The Glasgow Caberet Festival and check it out.

‘High Tease’ returns in December and next time,
I’m gonna make sure I’m in the audience.

What a ball!

I’m ticking another one off my list here.

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  1. Glad you had fun, toots! Hope to see you kicking around at some Festival goodness xxxx

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