Moving: Part 2.

Leading on from the last post…

As nice as the building was,
The last people who lived where I now live left the whole fucking flat like a bombsite.
The bastards.

It was a fucking mess with ugly, broken furniture scattered randomly about.
Weird broken ornaments everywhere…

Here’s the living room on the day I moved in:



Fucking tip right?

I still have a lot of work to do and the odd repair but currently it now looks like this:



It’s clean(ish) and comfortable and it easily feels like home now but I’m not finished with the place yet.

Some artwork is definately needed on the walls…

I really like that the Cathedral is so close.
I think that’s a big reason why I feel at home so quickly.

I know that building like the back of my hand and to see something so familiar everyday makes it easy to settle in.

Apart from that,
I’m pretty much moved in now!

S’all good folks!

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  1. Aww I love the hallway to your flat! I thought ours was pretty cool (it’s pink and brown) but yours is prettier, if less camp.

    Ahhh look at us and our cool flats! We’ll have to do respective grand tours!


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