I’m Back! …Briefly.

Hi folks!

Like I said a while ago,
I’ve been moving house.

I can’t afford to run my computer just now.

Don’t worry though.
I haven’t forgot about this blog.

In fact,
I’ve still been keeping it!
With good Ol’ fashioned pen & paper!


I come home at night,
Stick a record on and write.

I’ll post it all up here whenever I get the chance which will possibly be weekly for the time being.

Don’t be suprised to find 10 new posts in one day.

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  1. Nice offline blogging style! Hope you get all this worked out soon! (And it’s good to know you weren’t murdered.)

    Maybe that dream last night was an omen of these blogs. Dreamed I was waiting for a bus and you and Esther pulled up in a car, got out and went someplace. Yeah, we said, “Hi,” but that was it.

  2. But if you think that’s weird, I should tell you about the one where you visited the US… in a white disco suit. (My brain is fucked up.)

  3. Definately both weird Jared.

    Saying that,
    Last night I dreamed I was stuck in a waiting room at a clinic with Andy Warhol who kept going on about how great it felt to wait.


  4. Hey, sounds like a great basis of a video… Guy walks into elevator, where other guy is who starts talking about some weird topic no one cares about. First guy… either shoots the other guy or himself…

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