“Where Has Al Been?”

Where have I not been!

Sorry folks.
My e-mail inbox has a few “Where are you?” & “Have you got bored of blogging?” type messages of late and this is me just having the time.

For weeks & weeks now,
I’ve been flat hunting.
It’s been very stressful & time consuming & expensive & stressful.
Did I already mention stressful?
Well it has been.
I’ve been all over Glasgow.

I’ve seen amazing places and some downright hell holes let me tell ya!

I don’t really care where I live.

Matter of fact,
All I’m taking with me to begin with are:
Some books,
Art materials,
Some clothes & My guitar.

I found and took a place on Duke Street.
It ain’t the best and it ain’t the worst but it’s a short walk from work and the building is over 100 years old.
I like that.
I love that part of town.
It’s where Glasgow started.

I want to live in an Avril Paton painting like this one:


But no,
Duke Street is fine for the time being.
(Google: Duke Street, Glasgow and see how ‘Anything but fine’ it will actually be! Ha ha!)

I like the history of that area.
Lotta things happened there.
Okay, Mainly murders but what’s a guy supposed t’do.

The view from my living room window is of the Glasgow Cathedral:


I also have views of The Necropolis which could be a good thing although, I can’t help but think of the last time I was there.

We’ll see how I get on…
(How long do you think it will take for me to get murdered?)

I move in tomorrow and will try my best to keep my blog updated on what I’m doing/digging.

Wish me luck folks!

Oh yeah!
I almost forgot!

That’s another one to tick off on this:

I’m getting there…

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  1. You know toots, looking at your list, I could help you with at least two, maybe even three of those!

    You should step into my office some day. Some day… when I have an office, perhaps.

  2. The burlesque?
    It’s the burlesque right?


  3. The burlesque… and the .com. I have a fair few of those registered myself so if you don’t know what to do, I can guide you. And they only cost about £10, maybe £20 a year.

    Also, I did Italian in college briefly (many moons ago) and I’m fairly certain I kept all my notes for it because a) I thought they might come in handy and b) I never throw anything away.


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