Cold Showers Are Not The Way Forward.

If you live in Glasgow you will know that for the last few days
The weather has been bloody glorious!

Blazing sunshine with no shadows to hide from it.
I’ve been out for all of it!
It’s nice to see everyone out in the streets in colourful clothes with ice creams and beer with big smiles on their kissers.
I like that.
We don’t get much sun here.

Yesterday was seriously hot and I spent it helping my pal move house.
That was stressful and we almost cried.
Straight from doing that, I had a band rehearsal.

Result: Got home last night utterly drained of all life.

I had had enough of the sun.
Much as I love it,
It gets to me after a while.

I decided that it would be a good idea to take a freezing cold shower this afternoon.
I think I heard some Healthy Living person on TV say how it works wonders for an aching body.

Guess what!
It wasn’t a good idea at all!
Not one bit.
The Healthy Living person was a massive liar!

The word:
“AAAAAAARrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” came out of my mouth followed by some “FFfffffffuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk” and various other swearys and whimpering noises whilst I tried to make the water hot.

Usually, I have amazing showers.
Amazing singing out of tune showers!

Happy Showering

I’m sorry this is a post basically just about me having a crap shower folks.
I’m too drained to write anything interesting about what I’ve actually been up to.
Maybe tomorrow.

But for now,
Freezing Cold Icy Showers?
Don’t do it folks!
It ain’t worth it!


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  1. I agree mate, i had one once and nearly had a hairy canary fit. I have been in showers from that day on that would make the devil sweat. Living t.v should be brought to justice for telling us to take willy shrinking cold showers!! Bastards!

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