Bullseye! Bull:1. Matador:0.

Opened the paper today and saw this:


“Bull: 1.
 Israel Lancho: 0.

A bull has mauled a Spanish matador, Israel Lancho, so bad that he had to be rushed to hospital in Spain for a massive and life threatening wound to the stomach.

Thousands of shocked spectators in the Spanish city of Madrid at the Las Ventas bullring watched on as Israel Lancho was severly wounded by the rampaging bull.

Local media in Las Ventas say Israel Lancho is in a very serious condition in hospital after a 25 centimeter or 10 inch wound to his stomach. The bull successfully defeated matador Israel Lancho, using its horns to dig into Israel Lanchos body after a long fight.”

Know something?
I think that’s fucking funny.
I’m glad he got mauled.

Because, You see those sticks attached to the bull,
They are stabbed into the poor thing.
Also, You can see a dagger too.

That bull is no doubt dead now.

Fucking barbaric.
I hate bullfighting.
I hate that it’s called “Sport”.
It’s not.
Don’t tell me it is because it just isn’t.

It’s wrong.
If it’s a tradition, It’s out of date.
Way out of date.

People involved in this should be ashamed.
People who spectate should be ashamed too.
I’m ashamed for them actually.
Anyways, I’m glad that guy got mauled.
He deserved it.

Mess with the bull,
Expect the horns eh?


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  1. I was also pleased to see this. The bull would have died anyway even if it hadn’t impaled him so at least in this case it wasn’t entirely in vain.

    Although I think the whole teasing and winding up of the bull isn’t the greatest thing, I’d be far less bothered by bull “fighting” if they didn’t, y’know… spear it. And then kill it. For kicks.

  2. I like that photo. It looks like it got him in the … bull-ocks!

    Seriously, bull-fighting is out of date. It’s brutal and pointless. I don’t care if it’s a Spanish tradition, some traditions don’t need to stay around. (Like the Aztec tradition of human sacrifices.)

  3. I still think there is a case for certain human sacrifices…

    What about the more ‘humane’ form of bullfighting, where they attempt to attach the speary things to a velcro pad on the back of the bull? Still getting wound up, but not getting stabbed several times.

  4. Hah! Good job there! Can’t beat a bit of bully.

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