Failing To See The Funny Side.

Failing to see anything actually.
Heh heh.

I’m having to spend some money I don’t have and get myself some new glasses.
I lost them a few days ago and thought:
“Meh! Who cares.”

I don’t really wear them outside these days.
Y’know how it is.

At home, I wear them all the time and since I lost them,
Things like reading, drawing & typing have become annoying.
I’m right up at the screen just now typing this folks.



Becomes This:


Not a major difference but it is to me.

I’m 6 and the optician is saying:
“Alan, If you don’t wear these now, You will have to wear them all of the time when you are a man”.

Damn him for being right!
I used to wear them as I left for school and take them off as soon as I was around the corner.

I can’t afford this.
Stupid eyes.

Oh yeah!
The point of this post!:
To moan about crappy square glasses.
Glasses today are all square shaped.
I ain’t no square folks!

The ones I lost were round.
Hmm…Am I a circle?

I’m off to ebay.

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