Dracula And The Necropolis At Night.

Hi folks!
It’s getting late…

Know what I was doing earlier tonight?
That’s right!
I was taking photos and freaking myself out in the Glasgow Necropolis:


That picture above ain’t one of mine by the way.
My photos are for Maria’s exhibition of “Haunted Glasgow” that I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts.

See that photo above?
Well, imagine being there…Only…At night!
When it’s pitch black.

It’s a pretty scary place at the best of times if you ask me.
I got up there at 9pm and got some decent shots but as the sky was still lit at the time and as the exhibition is titled: “Haunted Glasgow”, I decided to wait in the graveyard until the sun went down.
That happened properly, around 10.30ish.

I spent my time sitting on some tomb from 1800 and smoking and looking over the photos I’d taken.
I was unhappy with the lack of atmosphere in my photos.
They didn’t look “Haunted” at all really.
I decided that there was only one way to get decent shots.
I had to get in the mood.

On my ipod,
I have an audio book of Christopher Lee reading Dracula:


What a good and bad idea that was.
Good: Because, I got spooky shots! It put me right in the mood.
-No doubt due to the fact that I was scared shitless and freaked right out.
Bad: Because I was in a massive graveyard at night, alone, in the dark, with bodies and old bones beneath me.

The Dracula recording begins in typical Hammer Horror style with a massive crash from an orchestra that just makes you think:
Then Christopher Lee begins with:
“My coach stopped far below the castle.
The moon had started to disappear behind one tower and even in silhouettes,
The infamous fortress looked evil”.

– That was all I needed to start clicking my camera as quicky as possible so I could get right out of there a sfast as possible.

The shadow of Glasgow Cathedral bothered me.
(The infamous fortress looked evil…)
I had to stand on old graves and Tombs to get the shots I needed.
I saw a man with a dog in front of the Cathedral and the thought:
“Fuck! It’s a fucking Vampire! Fuck!” crossed my mind for a second.

I’m not happy with the pictures I eventually got.
I’m pushed for time but I suppose I go back to the Necropolis tomorrow.
…I might leave Dracula at home though.


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  1. If the guy was a vampire, I guess you would’ve gotten no photos of him. Maybe just the dog. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get too close to the dog, then, would you?

  2. No.
    Dogs kill me.

  3. Aww I’ve always wanted to go to a graveyard at night!

    I’d like to think I’d be cool and calm and imagine I was Buffy… but we all know I’d probably just cry. Or at the very least panic and hide.

  4. […] I also have views of The Necropolis which could be a good thing although, I can’t help but think of the last time I was there. […]

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