“Interiors” At The Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

Last night I was at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow:


The theatre is right behind the clock tower in the above photo.
It’s a place I walk by everyday and I hadn’t been inside to see anything for around 17 odd years.

I broke that habbit and decided to see “Interiors” and what a fucking excellent play it turned out to be!

Inside, The Auditorium looks like this:


The play started off slowly and soundless.
I quickly realised it was to be done in mime.
I wasn’t sure what was going on for sometime until I found myself completely drawn in & involved in the play.

Here’s the synopsis:

Behind a window, in a cosy room, a group of friends gather for a meal.
The lamps are on, everyone is happy.
Talk begins and stories unfold around the table, stories about the living and the dead, about the missing necklaces and what happens when people get hungry.

Secrets emerge.
Lies are exposed.
Outside someone is watching.

This production is inspired by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck’s astonishing play, Interior.
Utterly hypnotic, deeply mysterious and powerfully intense, Interiors is about sounds, silence,
the path of fate and the darkness outside the window.

It really was an excellent play!
I was completely drawn right into it.

The set was stunning too!:



The end was mesmerising and when it was over,
I got up and walked out forgetting my bag, glasses and coat despite the fact that it was bucketing down with rain outside.

Speaking of outside,
On leaving,
I was pretty stunned.
I didn’t have any words for quite a long time and I just stood up against a wall on King Street.

I don’t go to the theatre enough and I thought “Interiors” sounded like a good way to get me back into the habit of going.
I just didn’t know how good it would actually turn out to be!
Maybe I was especially stunned because I don’t go but, No.

It was pretty fucking special and I’ve not came down from the high it put me on.

That’s me.

I’m gonna get myself out there and see as many things as the coins in my pockets allow.
I’m off to see this production of Dracula soon and looking forward to that.
But, The next thing I’m really interested in is “Hoors” which puts me nicely back at The Tron.

I loved “Interiors” and recommend it highly!


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