Movie Review: “Coraline”.


Today I saw this film.
What can I say?

I knew nothing about it.
Well, almost nothing.

All I’d heard was:
“It’s very Tim Burtonesque”.
That was good enough for me folks!
I could see elements of Tim Burton in this film but let’s put that aside for the moment.

‘Coraline’ is magical!
Really! It Is!
Also, To me, The look & style of this film is groundbreaking.
I dunno what Tim Burton will come out with next
(That’s a lie. I know fine well about his Alice In Wonderland project!)
but, He’ll have to go a long way to top the likes of ‘Coraline’.
He will.

When watching a film, have you ever thought to yourself:
“Hmm…Those effects are amazing. CGI has come a long way!”

Have you?
I have.

Y’know what the problem for me is?
As good as they are, You always know it’s CGI.

It’s like, The film almost looks too good.
Know what I mean?
That’s one of the reasons I still ain’t watched any of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ flicks.
Well, That, And the fact that ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ doesn’t interest me but that’s another story.

Where was I..
Oh yeah! ‘Coraline’.
The whole film had me completely from the opening sequence.
The stop motion & animation are flawless in this.
It’s a visual treat!
It puts you right into the film!
I’d be happy if the DVD had no extras.
Know why?
Because it would ruin the magic.
It’s intriguing as to how a magical film like this was put together.
But, No.
This is what cinema should and used to be.
I’m happy to not know the secrets folks.

The film is seriously dark and macabre too!
I loved that!
It was right up my street!
Wonderfully imaginative & frightening & unsettling considering it’s rated PG.
I think that the storyline may be a little confusing for a younger audience.
But, Then again, I’m 27 so, what the hell do I know.

In the cinema today,
We were surrounded by kids from around ages 6 to 14 and they were completely silent through the whole movie.
Unlike us. 🙂

We laughed and were terrified in equal measures!
Did I mention that we saw it in 3D!?
Well, we did and it was worth the 9 Bucks per ticket!

After it was over,
I said to my pal:
“That was fucking amazing wasn’t it!
-I’m glad I’m not one of those kids, ’cause if I was, I’d be terrified for life!
-I wonder what they thought of it, They were awfully quiet weren’t they!?”

From behind us,
Some kids are asking each other what they thought about the film.
I heard:
“I was terrified!”
“Really Scary wasn’t it!?”

I really liked that.

Y’know the film ‘Return To Oz’?
That terrified me at the time in exactly the same way as ‘Coraline’ did today.
Come to think of it,
There was a lot about this film that was old fashioned.
Real hide behind the sofa stuff!
It’s been missing in cinema for years if you ask me.

I wish I’d seen this today as an 8 year old.
It was so macabre.
Exactly like the kind of thing that could have came from Edward Goreys mind.

I’m giving no plot details away.
You’ll have to go and see it.
I’m a rubbish reviewer eh?

I really recommend this folks!


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