Poor Things.

I found myself waiting on a train at Glasgow’s Exhibition Centre.
At night, When there is nothing on at the SECC, It’s a scary place to be if you ask me.

Ran all the way there.
Checked the board:
My train was arriving at 22:40pm.
What time is it?

So, I had a wait ahead of me.
I remembered I had my camera so I took a few photos because the station looked creepy:



It was so deserted.
Although, That platform does have some cool artwork on its walls:


I decided it was too dark for interesting pictures so I gave up and decided to read my book.
Poor Things” by Alasdair Gray.
The title would turn out to be ironic because…

…A while later, a man and woman sit down beside me.
They’re wasted and look to be in their mid 40’s.
The guy seems cool but the woman decides to annoy all hell out of me.

Her: “Awww are you waiting on a train sonny?”
Me: “Yep.”
Her: “Awww you poor wee soul. Are you reading a book son?”
Me: “Trying to.”
Him: “Maggie, For fucks sake! Leave the guy alone will ye?”

Maggie: “Shut up Mick! I’m just interested in the poor wee thing.”
Mick: “Aye well, You’re bothering him so fucking stop it.”
Maggie: “Awww I’m not bothering you am I son?”
Me: “Well, I mean…Aye! Actually, You are.”
Maggie: “I’m sorry, You’re just a wee poor soul aren’t ye.”

(This Mick character then pulls her aside and he has mumbled words in her big golden hooped ears)

Maggie: “Ahhh son, I’m getting told off. Sorry to bother you again.”
Me: “It’s okay.”

(30 seconds later…)

Maggie: “So, What’s that you’re reading son, A book?”
Me: “Yes. It’s a book. Yes.”
Maggie: “Is it? Aww that’s nice you poor wee thing…reading a book…That’s nice son.”
– “Do you go to Uni or college you wee soul?”
Me: “No. I just sit and I read books.”
Mick: “Maggie, Look, Will you fucking stop annoying this guy. He has a book, He’s trying to read it. Leave him.”

Maggie: “Aww son, I’m just interested because you’re such a poor wee soul aren’t you?”
(A train comes)
Me: “Am I? Right, well, this is my train so goodnight folks!”

It wasn’t my fucking train at all.
I just couldn’t take any more of this woman without throwing her in front of the train.
So, I got on it and wondered where it was about to take me.
Luckily, It took me half ways to where I wanted to go and I got home with only an extra 20 minutes added on to my journey.

I didn’t feel like a poor thing.
I was sorry for the guy.
He had to go home with her.
If there was a poor thing last night, It was him.

Thanks for that Maggie!
Thanks a lot!


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  1. Bitches be crazy! And the drunker, the crazier!

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