BBC 3: Being Human.


Being Human!
My new favourite!
Never heard of it?
You’re missing out.

“Being Human” is a TV show on BBC 3.
It follows 3 flatmates and the up’s and down’s of their lives.
One is a Vampire.
One is a Werewolf.
One is a ghost.

What’s not great about that!
I can’t recommend this enough folks!
I’m in love with it!
It’s scary, original, hilarious and really well written.
Even the special effects are great considering it’s the BBC.

Here’s some pages with more information since the most you’ll get from me is:
“This is brilliant! Watch it now!”
The wikipedia page: Here.
The official website: Here.

As soon as they release a better DVD than the current one, I’m buying it.



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  1. Ah, it’s on you-know-what-awesome-website!

  2. Ahh is it?
    Do it Jared!
    It’s amazing!

  3. Why else would I look it up!

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