Thoughts On Phil Spector.

Hi folks.

People who know me well have been asking why I ain’t put anything up here about the Phil Spector thing yet.

It’s no secret that I love the music this man once made!
He worked with everyone who was anyone and made straight up music which no one has been able to touch since.
He’s a huge influence to me.
Here goes:

I love Phil Spector.
They don’t make guys like him no more.

When I think of Phil Spector,
I think of this:


I’m a huge fan of everything he did for music.
I think he was a huge talent.
A restless, crazy, deeply disturbed talent!
Ain’t they the best kind!

Some of the first music I ever heard was by Phil Spector.
Jesus! I remember the first time I heard “Be My Baby” By The Ronettes!
I was too young, But it was a nice way to get your heart broken for the first time.
How I love that record!…

Some of the greatest music ever burned onto record was his!
He changed everything and for me, He’s one of a kind.

Thank fuck!
Because, now,
He’s probably gonna die in jail for murdering someone.

I honestly have no opinion on that.
It’s sad and terrible.
I can’t relate to it y’know?

I kept up with the trial with mild interest.
But I’m distanced from it y’know?
Where am I?
The way it appears on the news here is all:
Holywood, Gossip, Scandal & Glitter.
Crap like that.

 I didn’t bat an eyelid when he turned up like this:


The papers here went nuts over that photo at the time.
I got no time for that.
I just don’t.

I admit,
This recent pic got to me a bit:


He looks broken.

The way I see it,
If he did kill that broad,
I ain’t suprised.
I just don’t care because I can’t relate to it.

“It makes me sad”.

That’s as much as you’ll get from me on it.
I’m off to listen to The Crystals.


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