How Do I Make My Photos Move?

Can anyone tell me how I can make my photos move like this?:


Can anyone tell me anything about this technique?
What’s it called?

Is it an avatar?
Is it?

How do I make them?
I want in on the action!

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  1. You place it in that thing on the end of your arm, its called a hand, then move from side to side in a sort of jerky movement, you got that? I bet that guy in the bank would know!

  2. Very good. πŸ™‚

    You’re a photographer Pauline.
    Don’t you know about this?

  3. I just realised that I can edit other folks’ comments on here.

    From now on all unhelpful comments will be getting edited to say:
    ‘Love your fucking work Al!’


  4. Im no photopraphy expert Alan, but im quite the photoshop buff! To me, I think this person has taken 2 (or possibly a few more) stills at certain angles, one just ever so slightly different from the other. Then exported them into Photoshop and created an animation using these stills & also by touching up a few things here & there, then thay have saved the file as a GIF and looped it. And Alan, it looks like this person must have spent AGES doing this, as it is pixel perfect!! And im not 100% sure if its this persons photography skills or photoshop skills are best here, possibly both!

  5. Thanks Christo!
    I actually understand all of that!
    I will experiment and let you know how I get on.
    No doubt I’ll see you soon at some point,
    Cheers again!

  6. It’s my understanding that there are two ways to do it. The first requires a moving camera on a track or some other mechanical set up to keep the thing level.

    Easy right? Take your camera, move it around, and then slice your pictures together to create your animation.
    Instead of using photoshop… I would use fireworks, but that’s just my own preference.

    The other technique is actually a lot more interesting, and likely more expensive to do.
    You actually take all of the frames at the same time from different angles using different cameras that are all strategically positioned to get exactly the right affect.

    If I had to wager a guess, I don’t think the photographer took all day doing this.

    I think he did it in a fraction of a second, using multiple preset cameras. It’s cleaner that way. The giveaway is how pixel perfect it is.
    The hair, it doesn’t move. You simply can’t do that easily with one camera.

    There is a term.
    They use it in the documentary about the Matrix (which is worth watching).

    I think it’s french.
    Want to say Mes un place, but that’s not it.

  7. I could do that easily. I’d just take the photos, make them into an AVI, then use VirtualDub to crop, trim out the extra frames, and export as an animated GIF.

  8. Thanks fellers.

    It’s all interesting and I will get around to trying some of the ways you all mentioned!

  9. You know Jared,
    I think Flash might be a better way to go about something like this. That way you get all the flexibility you need, and if you want to use it for something a little more interesting, you can.

  10. Love your fucking work Al!

  11. Ha!
    Cheers Pauline! πŸ™‚
    Pauline actually typed that herself.

    No editing was done by me!

  12. You are indeed the diggity mr. cook.

  13. I don’t think I know what a diggity is but sounds good t’me!

  14. It’s american hippy slang, circa 1971. Means hot, wonderful, pleasant, interesting, or smooth.

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