Salvador Dali: “Christ Of St. John Of The Cross”.

Does this painting even need any introduction?:


Salvador Dali is easily my favourite artist.
And “Christ Of St. John Of The Cross” is right up there on my favourite paintings list.

It’s current home is in Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow.
It used to hang in St. Mungos Religious Museum, also in Glasgow.

I used to visit it on a weekly basis at St. Mungos.
It was in a big naturally lit room and it looked glorious.

Things changed.
Some idiot got it into their head that it would be best to hang it in The Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgows’ West End.
– In a corner.
– In a dark corner.

What were they thinking?:


So, That’s where it is.
I was there today and struggled to get a decent shot of it.
However, I did get an honest shot of how it appears:


The lighting for it is ridiculous.
It’s a dark wee corner where you’ve every chance of not even knowing it’s there.

Thing is,
The painting is so popular that a wee corner ain’t good enough.
The crowds of tourists can be a nightmare.
If/When you get up close,
Ceiling lights bounce off the painting so you can’t see it properly.

Sort it out Glasgow!
Sort it out now!

So, I thought I’d try and take 2 photos of the details at the bottom of the painting which you’d maybe miss unless you saw it up close in real life.
The lighting didn’t allow for decent photos.
Like I say,
These are honest and untouched-up photos and this is exactly how it appears:



I love this painting so much.
Put it back in St. Mungos Museum and let it be glorious again!

PS: Before anyone says it, I realise I’m lucky to be able to go see this painting any time I like.
I ain’t complaining.
I just think it deserves better treatment.


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  1. You’d think gallery curators would be big experts on how to present the most valuable and interesting pieces, but I was amazed at the inept positioning and illumination of David Hockney’s ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’ when it was in York.

    Love Dali, and this painting in particular, also.

  2. Well, it’s been over 3 years now since I posted this and nothing’s changed.

    It doesn’t take an expert to know how to hang a painting on a wall.

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